Release Date: 30 Nov 2018


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Opportunity to actually fly all boats:

X4 will enable you to fly all boats actually. From little scouts over an extensive variety of ship classes up to the greatest bearer, everything can be guided from the cockpit or an outer view.

A major concentration in the advancement of X4 has been to accomplish a consistent and vivid experience while moving between boats. You can leave a ship, move down a stepping stool, stroll over the dock of an extensive space station into another ship you may have stopped there and supplant the pilot that was working for you just by tapping on his seat.

Measured stations and ship updates:

Building space stations and plants has dependably been an establishment of the X amusements. In the wake of sufficiently increasing cash through battling or exchanging, most players need to set up their own economy and begin affecting the universe on a bigger scale. In X4, it is currently conceivable to be totally free and inventive. Stations can be built from an assortment of modules, be it creation modules, living segments, docks or numerous different kinds of parts. The ground-breaking new guide framework enables you to drag and associate modules utilizing an association framework to structure your very own remarkable manifestations.

Ships additionally offer an assortment of redesigns. Motors, weapons and other gear can be included a graphical editorial manager and really observed on the ship.

Most unique X universe ever:

X4 will be the main X diversion to enable our races and groups to uninhibitedly manufacture and extend their realms; a similar adaptability the player appreciates in innovatively structuring space stations from secluded building squares is likewise accessible to them. Races extend their domain dependent on free market activity, which prompts an amazingly powerful universe where each activity the player makes can impact the course of the whole universe.

Dealing with your realm with an amazing guide:

When you have more ships and numerous NPCs working for you as pilots, team or station chiefs, the guide will be your favored technique for overseeing everything. Boats can be requested with straightforward snaps and through intuitive tasks to set their future way and directions.

Graphically plan your exchange courses, arrange assaults with your whole armada, deal with the order or send dispatches on remote investigation missions.

Most nitty gritty X economy ever:

One of the key moving purposes of X diversions has dependably been the reasonable, reproduced economy. Products created by several stations and transported by a large number of boats are really exchanged by NPCs and costs create dependent on this mimicked economy. This is the establishment of our living and breathing universe. Presently with X4, we have taken another, huge advance. Without precedent for any X amusement, all parts of the NPC economy are fabricated from assets. Boats, weapons, redesigns, ammunition and even stations. And so on. Everything leaves the mimicked economy.

Research and Teleportation:

The consistent change from ship to send and from NPCs controlling your realm for you proceeds on a more elevated amount. When you possess a bigger armada, you will be extremely inspired by looking into an innovation from your HQ: Teleportation. When you’ve opened teleportation, you can hop from ship to transport much speedier and encounter all the basic circumstances your NPCs experience direct.

Each request you have given to a ship before transforms into a mission target when you pilot the ship yourself. The minute you leave once more, your pilot takes control and proceeds with their past requests.

Get into the amusement:

In X4, you can begin your voyage from various distinctive gamestarts and as various diverse characters, each with their own job, set of connections and diverse boats and advances to begin with. Regardless of how you begin, you are in every case allowed to create some other way. Concentrate on investigation, profit with unlawful exchanging and robbery, order expansive fight armadas or turn into the best business visionary ever. It’s everything up to you to choose.

Release Date: 30 Nov 2018

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Minimum Sys Requirements

OS: Win 7 64
CPU: Core i5-2405S 2.5GHz / Phenom II X4 940
GPU: GeForce GTX 570 / Radeon HD 5870 1024MB
HDD: 20 GB


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